Blogging on the go

I try to be as minimalistic as I can when it comes to travel. The less stuff I have to pack and carry the better. At the same time, there are items that make our lives easier. I’m always trying to balance the dilemma between, convenience and essentials.

Having the least amount of gear when travelling is always better. To be a writer all you really need is a pen and paper. But for most people, that takes up to much time writing this way. So what can we take with us that makes our lives easier and at the same time doesn’t exceed our luggage weight limit?

Here is my gear list when I travel as a blogger and photographer.

  • Camera (Leica M)
  • iPhone (& headphones)
  • Pen & notebook (as a backup)
  • Compact Bluetooth keyboard

That’s it, that’s all I need to produce work. No laptop, no tablet, just a camera and a smartphone. The Bluetooth keyboard isn’t needed, it just makes writing quicker and my life a little easier. If I really had to get up and go, all I really need is my camera and phone. That’s it, the rest is just for convenience.



With less stuff comes more freedom, everything I do is backed up to the cloud, and if anything gets lost, destroyed or God forbids stolen I just buy a replacement and no work is lost. The only downfall is I need a power source from time to time.

It’s amazing how little we really need to be creative. When we are young or new to a profession we often make the mistake of thinking we need the latest tools. We see people we admire and think if I aspire to be them, I need the tools they have. the truth is we need virtually nothing to be creative. Never think you’re creativity is limited because of gear. Just remember, less is more, and the less you need the more freedom you have.

What’s on your gear list when you travel?