Audiences are selfish

Do you really want to devote yourself and all your energy towards something or someone that just takes and takes and takes? That is not a healthy relationship. Be careful about a relationship we think you want.

We are led to believe that to be successful this day in age, you need to be comfortable in front of a camera, and that you need to have an opinion on everything. And that you need to build a community. And that you also need to be consistent, constantly making new content. But consistency leaves no space for evolution. There is so much pressure in the modern world of social media to press upload. Is this good for mental health?

Burnout is very real, and feeling inadequate is very real. Mental health should be a priority. And the less pressure you put on yourself the more you will create, evolve and be able to switch off.

Do it because you want to, do it because you enjoy it. Do it beyond just learning something new. Don’t do it for external reward. Do it for internal reward, for yourself first. That way external rewards will not become the driver for you to continue, to improve. External rewards like recognition, likes, subscribers, money. Rather internal rewards in the form of, curiosity, overcoming a challenge, meditative or self-improvement to name a few.

The internet is vast, it is full and never-ending. We are but a drop in the bucket. This is OK, why do we want more than that and if so, is your need for more, an ego-driven motivation? At a fundamental level, everything we do is for self-preservation, everything we do is to attract the opposite sex. Status, power, attraction, comfort, to name the top few drivers of our species. It’s enviably why we start something according to our natural human drivers. But is that really a healthy reason to start? Remember that audiences are mainly selfish, they are here to consume content, to learn, to be entertained. Not to help, care or support you. The audience might support you so that they get something out of it, like a service, but not for charity sake.

I’m just saying that when you start something, do it for yourself first. Make sure that the satisfaction you get from whatever you choose is an internal reward. Not an external beyond your control.

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