Are some photographers born to become masters

I am a firm believer that we are born with a certain capability of intellect. But that we can also improve and learn beyond our natural limitations. But for some reason, I often hear the compliment “Your so lucky to have a natural talent.”, as if your DNA had something to do with all your years of hard work and practice. A comment people say so they don’t feel bad about their own accomplishments because, in their eyes, you have to be born with a talent. So are some photographers born to become masters?

Are we born into genus

I do believe that DNA does play a role in one’s potential, but not all of it. Genetic potential alone does not predict or help one achieve their accomplishments. It also takes practice and nurture, to grow a skill. Social and cultural influences, geographical and financial positions also play a large role in that nourishment to reach one’s full potential. What I’m getting at is there are many factors that contribute to an individuals success. We might be born with some advantages but to find and grow that potential requires the perfect mix, a recipe if you will.


A combination of passion, drive and perseverance helps one to achieve greatness. Having a talent or skill is not enough without the drive to push through hard and challenging times. It’s called grit, and it’s that special sauce that makes an average person turn into a master. It’s not who can do better, but who can persevere the longest.

You have heard, and many talk about average or below average people succeeding and surpassing others that are better in their fields. There might be ‘photographer A’ that is one of the best photographers you have ever seen. But their work doesn’t see the light of day. Compared to ‘photographer B’ who’s work is sub par, but for some reason, they get all the clients and gallery shows. There could be many factors at play, from social status, extrovert personality, marketing, business skills or people skills. But I bet one thing, that ‘photographer B’ never stops, and are always doing something. Girt is far more important than natural skills in my book.

Do you have the master gene

Do you have the master gene? This question may never be answered. That clarity or that aha moment can be awakened at unexpected times, be it in a dream, the shower or when we are bored and unoccupied. Ofter occurring after a moment or period of contemplation. Something I feel little of us do anymore, let ourselves become bored.

Let yourself drift and go into moments of boredom and stillness to be in contemplation without intent to reach it. When one tries to reach a conclusion or idea one will always fail. You must let it come naturally.

We can all have that aha moment where an idea or concept comes together. All it requires from us mere humans is to become bored and reflect on one’s self or predicament. We all have the potential for greatness, all it takes is a little down time to ignite that flame.


So are some photographers born to become masters? Under the right conditions yes we are. But one that hasn’t got the advantages of DNA in us can still aspire and reach greatness, with the right ingredients. Our own upbringing, morals and ethics play a massive role in our outlook on life and the world. The world directly around us plays a role in what we become and how we see. We are influenced by our family, friends and peers. You could have a natural talent and the perfect recipe to reach greatness, but you also need that drive to never give up, you need grit.

DNA, upbringing, grit and contemplation all play a role in becoming a master of photography. Which ingredients will you use to reach your standards of greatness?