All you have is time

All you have is time. Time is everything, time is money, time is a memory, time is relevant. In physics, time isn’t a measurement, but in our lives and in our photography it’s how we capture the human condition. If all we have is time, what are you going to capture with yours?

Longer shutter speeds

When it comes to photography it’s the shutter speed that captures time, opening and closing to the settings you wanted. It’s funny how some of the most famous photos have a little movement in them, they aren’t sharp. I’m sure the sensor size pixel pushers would ridicule these photos if they were taken in today’s world. And because of that, I feel photography has lost a little soul from being obsessed with specs instead of the art of photography. We have lost that serendipity caused by time, from capturing life as it moves. Nothing in this world is free of entropy. Everything has its time.

Time and money

When I think about photography I think about light, people, my environment and emotions. It’s only when I consider shutter speed that I really think about time as a measurement. We sell our time at work for money, some skills are worth more, some are worth less, and some things aren’t even considered. In some parts of this world, freedoms and liberties and human rights are worth nothing when compared to money. Don’t take where you are and who you are for granted, many people would wish they could be in your shoes. Time is everywhere, be it a wrist watch to the welcome screen on your phone, it’s there counting away, counting down, just like the sun turning into dusk. Don’t take what you already have for granted.

Bucket list

Have you ever really thought about your time here, the years you’ve had and the years that are left. What do you want to do with it? what do you want to accomplish? I personally have yearly goals that are obtainable. I also have life goals or a bucket list if you want to call it that, get married, have kids, travel to New York, own a Leica. And you know what, I’ve done most on my list. Because I don’t take my life for granted, I wake up every morning grateful that I have running water and food, something many people in this world don’t have access to. I’m grateful for this lotto ticket (my life). Because of this I try and make every day a good one… do you?

All you have is time

Everything has its own timeline. What’s yours and what do you want to do with what’s left of it? Maybe you want to capture this world as it is, or maybe you want to capture the perfect archive of sharp pixels to preserve an hyperrealistic memory. Or perhaps you want to capture the soul of the human condition, the living essence of this world and how it moves through a frame. Maybe, maybe not, it’s your life, it’s your time, do with it what you like, but remember once it’s gone theres no getting it back. So be grateful for your life and capture what matter to you.