Alexander Ben Korako Watson, best known as A.B Watson is a New Zealand photographer based in Auckland. A.B starting his journey in the darkroom at 16 years old, after high school he decided to follow a path which lead him to get a Bachelor in Graphic Design. During his 4 years of study and 3 years working full time as a graphic designer A.B Watson left his role as a designer to study Honours in Art and Design. It was here he rekindle his passion for photography and decided to change his career path.

In pursuit of photography A.B started assisting a number of respected New Zealand photographers and studios. During this time he developed skills and an understanding behind the expectations for a professional photographer. Knowledge that he would have never had the opportunity to obtain sitting in a classroom at university. After assisting, A.B felt ready to start branching out with his own vision, with his camera in hand. A.B started collaborating along side New Zealand fashion labels like Trelise Cooper and Ruby Apparel. Later he moved into a role at The Warehouse as one of the head photographers at their studio, where he works on weekly mailers and campaigns.

It’s clear that A.B has a true passion for photography, never leaving his house without a camera slinged over his shoulder. Along side his daily studio work A.B still makes time for personal projects. Outside his clients work he loves contributing for fashion editorials like Remix Magazine, Undone Journal and has had his portrait work featured in Next Magazine and Sunday Magazine.

A.B Watson has been nominated for Photographer of the year at Industry Awards and is now a member of AIPA (The Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association). Working as a professional photographer, A.B is always doing something related to his passion, forever learning and striving to better himself and his work.

Email – hello@abwatson.com