A simple way to organise your life

It starts with tracking your life and obligations. However, if you choose to track or write down your obligations the better. We want as least friction and distraction as possible. If someone says an event is happing on this date. You need a system to record that event and date it with ease. An just as easily retrieve that data and see it on a regular base. “If you want to master a habit, the key is to start with repetition, not perfection. You don’t need to map out every feature of a new habit. You just need to practice it.” – James Clear

For myself, I have a number of ways to track my obligations. But my main ones are Google Keep & my Bullet journal. I use these predominantly for events and deadlines. Google keep recording in a hurry if my journal isn’t with me. And I look at my journal every morning and evening to see what is happing or required of me. Also to transfer anything from Google Keep. I do my daily tracking of meals I’ve eaten, training, body weight and my daily gratitude notes. Nothing beats pen and paper. It has lasted the test of time. Unlink the forever-evolving world of technology.

When it comes to tracking my thoughts, and ideas. I use Google Keep on my phone because that’s always with me, for the initial concept or thought. Then I write it and flesh it out on my computer or laptop using Oblivion or Grammarly.

When it comes to tracking and highlighting notes or information I use my Kindle for books. And then transfer that information into Oblivion. I copy information into Oblivion when I find something interesting. If I’m watching some form of multi-media content like YouTube or reading a website article. Even a Tiktok video sometimes goes directly into Oblivion.

I use Oblivion as a Zettelkasten system. A Zettelkasten system is a note-taking formula. Where you can essentially link a note to relevant topics and ideas to access them for future use. Like taking a quote from a book. Then putting that quote into a category like philosophy, psychology, commerce, arts or political sciences. I use the Dewey Decimal Classification system. It works for me.

Now to organise your life you need a method to take notes and easily access them or view them on a daily bases. The less friction the better and more likely you are to take notes and write things down. “There is nothing magical about time passing with regard to habit formation. It doesn’t matter if it’s been twenty-one days or thirty days or three hundred days. What matters is the rate at which you perform the behaviour.” – James Clear

Second, you need a daily routine where you look at your notes and calendar and put everything down in order. Keeping track so to speak. Again the easier it is to do this the more likely you are to keep it up and keep on track with your obligations. And that is it. Everyone has their favourite software, favourite application, journal or even post-it notes. nothing is wrong, the key to success thou is consistency. And having a daily routine that included you looking at what needs to be done today.

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