l1005251I was being counter productive this evening after I opened my new package of platinum chemicals i received in the mail today. What I mean by being counter productive was that I was sitting down watching YouTube on the TV. With some like inspiration struck me thou, I stumbled upon some great advice. That advice was, You should try and write every day. Blog as much as you can, be it ideas, thoughts, beliefs, anything. Because even if no one reads your blog, at very least you have an archive of all your thoughts and ideas. An archive of liner time, of all your thoughts, ideas and your journey through life.

So I’m starting right now to implement that idea. I’m not going to write every day as the talker was saying. But what I will do is write when I feel like it. And be satisfied with 80/20 quality work. I want to be a little more specific here, my 80/20 quality of work, not your standards, mine.

So here’s to the people that don’t over think, don’t ponder or edit. To the people who jump feet first into the river, never texting the waters. To the people that aren’t afraid to be wrong, to fail. Heres to the people that don’t care what others think of them.

I’m half way there, and I’ll start my journey now towards being a more productive care free me. One who’s not afraid of spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Because this blog right now is for me. Its for the people who care enough to read it and believe in me. And if they can’t handle my quality of work, all I have to say it thanks for stopping my.

80/20, doing is better than pondering.