Supply and demand

We all know the importance of photography. Be it journalisms role in changing the world. To a wonderful moment captured of someone’s special day. As photographers, we value our craft and the importance it has in our lives. But the market is valuing it less and less. Why is that? What is happening? Bear with me on this analogy but photography is like water. Without water, we wouldn’t be here, its one of the most valuable resources on this earth. But for some reason it’s cheap. That’s because it’s abundant, it’s everywhere and accessible to almost everyone, which drives down the cost and value of it. Much like photography is today.

The journey to mastery

We are a generation that was raised on the short term gratification of TV & the internet. We think and believe we can have anything right now. If we can’t, we google search for a hack to hurry the process and get there sooner. This subconscious influence from TV and the internet is what makes short-term gains so appealing. Why wait when I can have or do it right now.