Teaching photographic style.

I’ve been thinking about photography and personal style and the different ways to teach it. I’m trying to help, share and guide people along their way in finding their unique photographic style. Seeing if I can find that quick fix, that beaten path someone else has already made for us.


There is something all-newcomer photographers tend to do, they either dream of camera gear or buy a lot of it. When I started in photography I went through the same thing. I thought that I needed all the lenses that my idols used, I believed I needed the biggest megapixel camera, with all the film features just in case a potential client wanted video. But over time with age came wisdom.

Play to your strengths

Something just hit me when it comes to getting peoples attention in the modern age. That is, play to your strengths. I’m a photographer and I would like to think I’m good at my job and hobby. Now in this day and age, as a freelancer, being great at our job isn’t good enough. We have to promote our work, company, workshop or service. We need to somehow get the word out there. Digitally putting our hand up and saying “Hey look at me, over here.”