Film vs Digital, lets put it to the test

Have you ever heard the argument that digital just doesn’t have the same look as film? Well, let’s put that argument to rest. I Have pain stickily made my own Lightroom preset that I believe is 96% the same as my favourite film Kodak Tri-X 400. Now, this preset is custom made for my camera specifically. So let’s dive a little deeper into how I accomplished this preset and put all those subjective arguments to rest.

Are some photographers born to become masters

I am a firm believer that we are born with a certain capability of intellect. But that we can also improve and learn beyond our natural limitations. But for some reason, I often hear the compliment “Your so lucky to have a natural talent.”, as if your DNA had something to do with all your years of hard work and practice. A comment people say so they don’t feel bad about their own accomplishments because, in their eyes, you have to be born with a talent. So are some photographers born to become masters?

Existentialism and photography

What gives your photography and for that matter your life meaning? Is it God, Family, Shopping, Money, Work, Fame, Football or Twilight fan fiction? You might already have your own purpose in your life that gets you out of bed in the morning, or you might be reading this post in hopes that you find meaning in your photography. Everyone strives to have meaning in our lives, and no one would consider this a fault in one’s drive if you got up every morning in order to find it. We all crave it, and some of us even need a meaning to keep going. So how do we make our lives meaningful? How is existentialism and photography related?

Start producing and stop consuming

Today I went out into the streets to create some images and I noticed everyone was going to stores or holding shopping bags, then something hit me. All this consumption is selfish and unproductive. We need to start producing and stop consuming. Create content that helps people and gives value beyond just material possessions.