I don’t want to be another Instagram photographer

I don’t want to be another Instagram photographer because your images are only seen in the context of a social media feed. The images on Instagram are pathetic when compared to the printed equivalent. Even seeing a photo essay on a website or blog is better than Instagram. So why am I against the grain with this so called platform for photography?

AB Watson

Success in photography

What does success in photography really even mean? It might be to make a living at photography or to get 10k followers on Instagram. Or perhaps you want to become a part of the Magnum photographers agency. But when we take a closer look at the dictionary meaning of ‘success’ the meaning is open. So what does it really mean to become a success in photography?

All you have is time

All you have is time. Time is everything, time is money, time is a memory, time is relevant. In physics, time isn’t a measurement, but in our lives and in our photography it’s how we capture the human condition. If all we have is time, what are you going to capture with yours?

How do I find my photography style?

Finding your personal photography style

So how do I find my photography style? Let me tell you that finding your personal photographic style is like finding Zen or the Holy Grail to photographers, it rarely happens with a quick 15-minute tutorial. For a lot of photographers, it can be a never ending struggle. I have found the key that unlocks the door to your photography style. This door, or should I say process and formula isn’t for everyone, but it worked for me and it might fast track the journey for you.

AB Watson

Motion in photography

Motion in photography is largely overlooked when taking a photograph in the respects of freezing time. We can do it by multiple exposures, using a longer shutter or capturing a gesture. Be it a bird, or sports figure mid-air. For me, motion in photography is captured through longer shutter speeds which record movement, a moment, or emotion expressed through abstraction. Let’s dive a little deeper into how you can incorporate motion into your photography.