Why I only use one lens

Why I only use one lens, well after many years of experience using different lenses, I now have resorted to only using a single prime lens. I started with a 50mm then added an 85mm, 35mm, 100mm and 28mm to my collection, and I’ve played around with zoom lenses. But now I exclusively use a 50mm lens. No more zooms and no more choices. But why would I volunteer to limit myself?

10 ways to develop your photographic style

First find your zen camera or the model of camera, like the Canon 5D, Leica M, Fuji X100. Whatever it is, find that one camera you love to use, and shoot with it exclusively. In doing this your images will always have a consistent look and feel when it comes to your body of work and long term projects. It’s hard to find that perfect camera that’s right for you. But once you find a model you enjoy holding in your hands, pressing the shutter button and overall feel, it will liberate you. Once you have a camera that gives you everything you need and nothing more, you have found it. Find your zen camera and only photograph with it, never stray away from it.

Find your Zen camera

When I talk to people about gear, what they think they need, want or have, I find that it consistently changes from person to person. Most peoples dream camera changes from year to year. So how do you get over Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S) and find your Zen camera?

10 minimal artists you should know

Picture yourself looking at a landscape or a painting of one or two colours and you say to yourself this isn’t art, I could have done that. You roll your eyes and think to yourself there is no skill, craftsmanship or story here. But you would be missing something very important if you left it at that. First off I’m not talking about minimalism as a lifestyle choose of tidying up. I’m talking about art at its most raw, simplest form.